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Here you will find most answers to your questions as well as tutorials to accompany you in your discovery of bewifi.

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Know more about bewifi

What is bewifi ?

bewifi is a mobile application helping you to:
  • share your wifi in 2 minutes in a secure way
  • send notifications to connected users
  • search for places with free wifi available
  • connect to their wifi in 5 seconds
  • be notified about events and deals at places you like
  • share moments with friends

How does it work ?

In a restaurant, a bar, a shop or at your friends' place, this application is the only sesame to connect to wifi with ease.
After creating a profile, sharing wifi takes 2 minutes and connect to a hotspot less than 5 seconds and everything is done in a secure way.

How much does it cost ?

The bewifi application is totally free for the person who shares and the people who connect.

Where can I find the bewifi app?

The app is available on the App Store only. It requires OS 10.0 or higher.
App Store link: